Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Thinking positively

I am frustrated with my students today, so I've decided to write about all of the good things about them that I can think of:

-Brendan, who keeps challenging me with new books every Wednesday, and seems genuinely happy that I take his recommendations;
-Alex (both of them, male and female) who participates in class, always has a sunny and/or humorous disposition (or a quiet, kind one--male) and is an all around nice kid ;
-Amy, who on even days that she gives me a headache impresses me with her intelligence and excitement over being moved into above-level;
-Liam, who just makes me laugh;
-Conor, who is just a nice kid;
-Chris, John, and Dan, who are nice, intelligent, and treat other people as if they're actually human (and laugh at my jokes most of the time);
-Ludjy, who is just a nice kid, and turns out to be able to do great, humorous impressions;
-Huguette, who is sassy but gets away with it because she is also thoughtful and passionate;
-Vincent, who seems to be turning it around;
-Tiffany, who is sassy and gets away with it because under it all she is kind and she cares;
-T.J., who everyone expects to under-perform but has already read two long books this year and almost always has his homework;
-my whole fifth period, for having a personality;
-Kings, for not letting her disability get her down and for being such a voracious reader;
-Jacky, for taking on immense responsibility at home, and still being on the ball at school;
-Carolyn, for being a nice person;
-Derek, for being goofy and immature and really smart and willing to learn;
-Jay, for being a nice kid;
-C.J., for being a nice kid who works hard to overcome the things that get in his way.

Okay, that's a good list. It makes me feel better about going into work tomorrow.

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