Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sure, why not?

I signed up for Facebook. I'm not convinced of the value of these things, other than as ways to reconnect with people I used to know. That's a good thing. I'm not so sure about the option to play games, etc. Although I don't have to add them, so that works out just fine.

Interestingly, my husband's Facebook account doesn't seem to show him as married. Hmm... :)

Back to work in a week and a day. I hauled supplies and materials from my office to the car today, and it's remarkable how great my office looks. It has been a running battle to keep the room from turning into a first floor storage closet (since so many older New England homes don't have closets, ours included, this seems to always be an issue...or maybe I'm just a slob). Once I get the second window in here painted, I can set up the bookshelf again and it will be even better. It only took three years to make it workable!

Montana has just joined me. He's growing so much. At the vet's a week ago he was 40 pounds! He's still just as rotten; his newest thing is pooping on the brick walkway up to our house. What, our grass isn't good enough? Luckily for him, he's still darned cute and has a great personality. We'll keep him.


Lee Ann Spillane: said...

Yeah, I'm not sure about the whole gaming on facebook thing. I don't usually do it, though this morning, I did take the movie quiz that Kim Czerniejewski sent me months ago. I joined facebook to connect with my nephews and have been pleasantly surprised to connect with other friends too, but it's not a daily thing for me.

CBW said...

I use it to connect with former students who are now married with children and is it possible that I'm that old? But mostly I don't even get how to use most of the stuff.

:) Cindy Bertossa