Saturday, March 22, 2014

Uh. Hello? Mother Nature?


To: Mother Nature

From: Christine

Re: Operating System 3.20.2014

While the company recognizes that transitioning from OS 12.20.2013 to OS 3.20.2014 is difficult, it seems that there are some significant problems that need to be addressed, as soon as possible.

1.  While Windows do not need to be open the entire time from dawn to dusk during the initial transition, the possibility of keeping Windows open for at least a few hours a day should exist.  As you work out any bugs with OS 3.20.2014, Windows should be able to be open during all daylight hours.

2.  The lights run by the computers using OS 3.20.2014 should be much, much stronger, and the heat generated should be much warmer.  The company figures on at least a consistent 45-55 degrees initially, and then a steady 65-75 degrees by the time we have to transition to OS 6.20.2014.
If you could attend to these details immediately, the company would be very appreciative.

(Okay, so I know very little about computers, and this is probably riddled with problems.  But it was fun, anyway.)

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