Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chicken Extravaganza

I have been reading Cooking Light magazine since 1997, when a friend bought me a subscription for my birthday.  I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that between reading the magazine and watching Rachael Ray, I learned how to cook.  I mean, I knew how to feed myself before then, but as far as making things that were interesting and learning how to riff on an ingredient, the magazine and the show are primarily responsible.  It's kind of funny, really, since Rachael Ray's recipes would often not make it into Cooking Light.

This month's issue (Jan/Feb) is all about "the bird."  I don't love chicken breasts, mainly because I'm so good at drying them out, but I do like cooking with the whole chicken and I like the dark meat.  I dog-earred a ton of recipes in the issue, and made my first one today (with the dark meat from the whole chicken that I took the breasts off of for yesterday's dinner, and the chicken broth I made with the carcass--this is why I love cooking with a whole chicken.  One bird, umpteen dinners.). 

My husband often teases me for being unable to cook for less than four.  Well, I outdid myself today!  I doubled the recipe, because I had enough of everything to do so, and hate having a half a cabbage lolling around in the fridge.  Seriously, when it's doubled, this soup will probably feed twelve people.  It made a great lunch today, and will be lunch and dinner again this week...and I froze four portions (the texture won't be the same, but on a night that I want to come home and get in my pajamas immediately, I won't care too much).  The soup that kept on giving!

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