Monday, January 31, 2011

More snow, and a prime rib sandwich

We were supposed to have chili for dinner tonight, but I got home late and I also decided that if I'm going to be home for our fifth "We're getting another foot of snow" snow day again this Wednesday Tuesday and Wednesday (as it turns out), that's when I want chili. And a pitcher of margaritas. 

But that's another post.

Tonight we had simple prime rib sandwiches.  I've only made prime rib once, for Christmas dinner with my brother's family.  It's awesome, but not exactly quick eating.  This prime rib was left over from my dinner on Friday.  It started life as a 16 oz piece of meat and fat, which is obscene, but I knew I'd be bringing much of it home.  Once the fat was carved away (I know people eat that stuff, but...ewww) and I ate my fill, we still had about 10 oz left.  I sliced it thinly, and added it to a mix of onions that I had sauteed and then "braised" in a small amount of beef broth.  Piled on a crusty hunk of bread with some cheddar cheese, and partnered with an arugula, fennel, and cucumber salad, I was almost able to forget that I'm going to spend another two hours shoveling snow this Tuesday and Wednesday. 


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